Business Planning

The Forest Ridge Youth Services business plan is constantly in a process of development, review, and update. 

Following is the most recent update of the Forest Ridge Youth Services Business Plan.


Sequel Business Plan

For the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017


      Forest Ridge Youth Services

Business Plan Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Goal 1.  Work to achieve optimum incentives through Iowa RFP contract.

Objective 1: Utilize One Caseworker Model which supports the holistic view of a child's needs. 

A. Utilize comprehensive staffing structure to include engagement of family at intake with an emphasis in increased communication while child is in care.
B. Improve reintegration/ transition planning at intake with action plans addressing all barriers to returning home.
C. Reduce lengths of stay with bi-weekly treatment team meetings to review progress
D. Address the needs of children close to home with the no eject/reject model of practice.

Objective 2.  Individualize the Program/BHIS/Therapy services to meet the individual needs of each student/family during treatment.

A. Increase frequency of services early in program.
B. Treatment team will meet bi-weekly.
C. Individualized Treatment Planning and Individual BHIS sessions will be facilitated by the one Caseworker.
D. Initial collaboration, treatment team case collaboration, and specific transition plans will be identified in and added to the treatment plan.
E. Specific transition plans will be identified with the treatment plan and 60 day soft and 30 day hard discharge date set for all students.
F. Forest Ridge will work with the MCO's to add codes that will allow for families to receive BHIS services without the child present to prepare for the return of the child to their home.
G. Work together with the MCO's to gain approval for billing of the Family BHIS code through telehealth services.
H. Every Iowa family will receive weekly family services (BHIS/Therapy). Forest Ridge will provide monthly parenting classes.

Objective 3:  Forest Ridge will increase chances for student success, lower recidivism rates and improve overall outcomes for students by staying engaged with students and families post discharge.

A. The Caseworker will maintain weekly contact with the student for 30 days post discharge.
B. Within 30 days of discharge the Caseworker will meet with the student in their home community.
C. Forest Ridge will strive to maintain a therapeutic relationship with the student/family post discharge.

Objective 4:  Forest Ridge will increase overall number of diversions from shelter. 

A. Forest Ridge will employ a BHIS practitioner to provide in home services and community support.
B. Forest Ridge will utilize the One Caseworker Model for CWES Services to focus on transition services for youth beginning at time of placement.

Objective 5:  Implement the new training standards as identified by the State of Iowa specific to services provided.

Objective 6:  Forest Ridge will reach out and develop one new community partner per quarter.


Goal 2.  Improve Staff Recruitment and Retention

Objective 1:  Net two direct care staff each month.                                                                                      

A. Continue utilizing hiring bonuses for direct care staff.
B. Implement the Impact Employment Screening Tool to assess employability.
C. Utilize employee satisfaction survey responses to identify current strengths/weaknesses and create plan to address these areas.
D. Provide Group Dynamics Training and Supervisory training to direct care staff and supervisors.
E. Support one staff to attend the Sequel Leadership Initiative.
F. Increase starting pay for Youth Counselors.


Goal 3:  Partner with the State of Iowa and MCO's to identify service gaps.

Objective 1:  Arrange quarterly meeting to discuss service lines.                                             

Objective 2:  Attend Service Area Meetings across the state to gain a better understanding of service needs.                                                             

Objective 3:  Position Forest Ridge to be the premier provider in the state for all girls.


Goal 4:  Forest Ridge will track effectiveness of evidence based practices either currently in place or those that will be implemented in the coming year. 

Objective 1:  Forest Ridge will evaluate data and implement Evidence Based Models as appropriate to add value to our services. 

Objective 2:  Forest Ridge will utilize data to make informed decisions and monitor progress toward above goals.